Santa Claus soon to be a refugee!

The North Pole, due to an additional 1 degree increase in global temperatures, is forecast to be ice free in a couple of years, maybe as soon as next summer!


Where will the reindeer migrate to, who will employ and feed the elves? Will there be airlifts for the toy factory? What will you tell your children?

Send your donations to SAVE OUR HOME, Santa and the Elves...

Who has been naughty or nice, suddenly of grave consequence, a lump of coal to those not thinking of future generations, willing to shift away from old tired technologies that combust, burn and pollute, to capturing flows of energy from sun, wind and water in safe and renewable ways.

Ho, ho, ho, we're in a fix, but we're a creative species. We can do this. Our children will thank us for the best Christmas present ever—their future.

Margie Bushman & Wes Roe
Co-founders, Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
with 20 years of programs and events educating the public on sustainability & ecological design

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