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P.O. Box 92156, Santa Barbara, CA 93190

Tel. (805)962-2571

Stay in the loop with Central & Southern California Permaculture activities with our regional Permaculture listserves. These regional guild listserves formed following a Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison in Ojai, California in 1997.

To get up to date announcements for Permaculture courses, events, and to post your own permaculture related events activities, please subscribe to the local Permaculture listserve closest to your region below. Archives from almost 20 years of the regions Permaculture activities are a part of this valuable resource.

:: TO SUBSCRIBE to regional Arashi listserves:

Southern-California-Permaculture mailing list -
serves Santa Barbara, Summerland, Carpinteria & Ventura/Ojai (all of Ventura County)
To Subscribe: http://www.permaculture-guilds.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/southern-california-permaculture 

Central Coast Permaculture mailing list - serves San Luis Obispo region

Los-Angeles-Permaculture mailing list - serves Los Angeles region

Orange-County-CA-Permaculture mailing list - serves Orange County

San Diego Permaculture mailing list -serves greater San Diego

Santa Cruz Permaculture mailing list - serves Santa Cruz & Monterey County